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There is a difference between politicians and advocates, and if we want to pass laws that have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people, we must demand it through activism. The United States never would have passed the 19th Amendment, ended the Draft during the Vietnam war, founded a minimum wage, child labor laws, or even a weekend without millions marching in hundreds of cities to demand it.

Vision, Issues, & Values

Never forget that we passed the Voting Rights Act under a President who supported segregation because of the efforts of millions protesting during the Civil Rights Act to make their demands heard.

The goal of this campaign is to provide a resource to people in Congress: an advocate who will hold members in all political parties accountable for voting against or blocking legislation that has overwhelming support, such as Medicare For All.

There are two bills in the Senate that have minimal support because my opponent, Senator Charles Schumer, continues to block votes for them. Bill S. 1129 would pass Medicare for All and save the lives of over 45,000 people every single year. Similar to the Green New Deal, Schumer continues to deny votes for a policy, that 88% of eligible voters in the Democratic Party support.

Bill S.1129 has been in the Senate since April of 2019, and though it has majority support among voters in all political parties, it has earned the votes of only 3 Senators. The goal is to replace Charles Schumer, Co-sponsor Bills like the Green New Deal, and inspire protests outside the Congressional offices and residences of every member of Congress who dares vote against it.

Policy #1 Pass the Green New Deal

As a proud Green Party member, I feel that one of the most important issues facing our nation and the world is Climate Change.

It is a fact that the communities receiving the worst environmental fallout are low-income neighborhoods with residents who are mostly people of color, and in light of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, the best chance we have of recovery is to invest heavily in renewable energy, that can update our failing infrastructure, ban fracking as well as oil drilling and pipelines while providing racial and environmental justice for our children’s future.

Policy #2 Pass Medicare for All

Each year we hear horrific stories of people who die prematurely due to rationing medicine like insulin, or from stage 4 cancers that they never received a diagnosis for, and all because they couldn’t afford the cost of seeing a doctor or the premiums tied to insurance. We know for a fact that over 1 million people filled for medical bankruptcy in 2015 and with the cost of health insurance projected to go up by 40% before the end of this year, that number will increase.

We are currently facing the greatest pandemic the human race has seen in over 100 years, and passing Medicare for All while also erasing medical debt, and re-opening rural hospitals & clinics is a moral imperative that all of our elected representatives must ratify and sign into law.

Policy #3 Universal Housing

The United States is currently facing a housing crisis we have never seen before. A person who is homeless or housing insecure is 40x more likely to be physically or sexually assaulted as compared to someone living in permanent housing. It is estimated that the number of renters and mortgage payers facing eviction and foreclosures is over 28 million people.

We currently have a homeless population of over 530,000 with 40,000 homeless veterans who have no safe place to live or shelter in place, and it’s time to make homelessness a thing of the past. We have boarded up homes all over the country which need minimal updates to be brought up to code and turned into safe, permanent homes. At a time where tens of millions face eviction, we must demand an end to evictions and foreclosures, and provide people with the security of having a home.

Policy #4 Universal Basic Income

The global pandemic has effectively shrunken our economy by 10.5% with 60% of small and local businesses forced to close their doors permanently.

Stores, shops and businesses which took years, decades or even generations to build are now gone forever. We have seen our friends, families and neighbors wait in bread lines that stretch on for miles for 1 bag of groceries, while millions face an end to the moratorium placed on rent and mortgage payments.

In these times of severe economic hardship, giving each adult $2,500 per month plus $500 for each child would ensure that people can afford basic amenities like food, medicine and rent payments so they can stay in their own homes.

Policy #5 Reparations for Descendants of Slaves and Indigenous People

The United States has an over 400-year history of genocide, ethnic cleansing, enslavement, and terrorism that it has committed against People of Color and Indigenous People, all in an effort to perpetuate the myth of White Supremacy.

Between the ICE Concentration Camps, the impoverished conditions suffered by Indigenous People on reservations, Redlining, and the injustice of black people being killed at a rate of 2.8x higher than their white peers by police, it is obvious that the legacy of White Supremacy in our country is alive and well.

To help address this systemic racism, and lift affected communities out of poverty, we must demand monthly reparation payments of $2500 directly to Adult Descendants of African Slaves and Indigenous people.

The Leadership Our Country Needs Right Now

About Kate

A lifelong environmentalist, Kate began her activism in high school by participating in the Friends of the Planet Club and has always understood how the health of the planet was directly connected with our own welfare and survival. Growing up in a rural setting, she fell in love with the beauty of the natural world and made it her mission to do all she could to protect it.

Kate has been involved as an activist her entire adult life with a wide variety of issues including equal rights for People of Color, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, Mental Health Advocacy, and women’s rights. But after so many years of not seeing the changes she demanded in public policy to address the injustices against people and our planet, she decided to take the leap, and run for Congress herself to force the changes she wants to see.

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