Meet Kate

A lifelong environmentalist, Kate began her activism in high school by participating in the Friends of the Planet Club and has always understood how the health of the planet was directly connected with our own welfare and survival. Growing up in a rural setting, she fell in love with the beauty of the natural world and made it her mission to do all she could to protect it.

Diagnosed with a learning disability at the age of 3, and a parent of a child with a disability herself, Kate understands what it means to advocate for those who are the most vulnerable. Whether at home or on the school bus, Kate has worked to guarantee all of her kids the services and rights they deserve.

In 2018, Kate earned her Class B CDL and began driving children with disabilities too and from school every day. With the privilege of working with students of all abilities, and providing them a service that enables their education, she has always provided for her children and wants to do the same in Congress.

A Strong History

Kate has been involved as an activist her entire adult life with a wide variety of issues including equal rights for People of Color, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, Mental Health Advocacy, and women’s rights. But after so many years of not seeing the changes she demanded in public policy to address the injustices against people and our planet, she decided to take the leap, and run for Congress herself to force the changes she wants to see.

• Activism for LGBTQIA+ rights to pass Same-sex Marriage in all 50 States in 2015.
• Worked with her local school board to enact curriculum changes and end the suicide epidemic in school-age children.
• Fundraised for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and an Out of the Darkness walker since 2019.
• Phone bank volunteer for Cynthia Nixon for NY Governor and Lisa Savage in Maine for US Senate.

Results & Accomplishments

Passing Mental Health Advocacy for Children

In 2019, Kate began working with local school board members to address the serious epidemic of suicidal deaths among school-age children. A model used originally at Robert E. Coleman Elementary in Baltimore, incorporated mindfulness through meditation as part of the curriculum, and they soon witnessed an amazing transformation in their students. Not only were student conflicts all but eliminated, but in and out of school suspensions as well. The school also experienced an increase in test grades and attendance. After Kates’ work with the school board and teachers, she managed to get the same practice implemented in all four of her district’s Elementary Schools and hopes to expand the program to the pre-school, middle, and high school.


The work and activism that needs to be done, cannot be accomplished alone. If you and/or your organization is inspired by the candidacy of a working mom, who’s mission is to save the planet for her children, please consider endorsing her campaign and become part of the movement to transform our world.

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